Wednesday, 26 August 2009

so here goes.......

well as you may have read on my profile i am a mum and i work with children, so no clues what my blogs are going to be all about! anything to do with children, all children from my own childrens' experiences and what they have taught me, pre-school childrens' contribution to my life, friends children, all the children at the school i'm currently working in and last but most definately not least the young man i am helping ( and he's helping me) at the moment. I believe ALL children have such potential to become pleasant, happy and well balanced people and there are no differences in their pure souls just in their human emotions - which we as adults are ultimately responsible for helping them to understand and deal with thoses emotions.
Gosh that's a fairly heavy start to my first blog but i can promise you there will be much lighter, funnier moments to share. Also any advise on parenting can be shared amongst us but at all times i must insist that all children remain nameless or given a pseudonim to protect them fully.
please start posting your contributions.

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