Sunday, 27 September 2009


Now all the children have settled back into school after their holidays, us parents have another issue to overcome - the dreaded head-lice!!! i am inviting you to comment on what experiences you have had with head-lice and what the best thing is to get rid of them and to keep them from coming back.
so far i have only found 2 solutions which actually kill all the lice and their eggs but it does come at a price - they are really strong, overnight, solutions made with chemicals. i have tried the 10 minute treatments but they don't seem to work. I've tried tea tree oil, vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, and have recently invested in the robi comb which supposedly zaps the little creatures and kills them - all i can say is i wish it did!!!
so can anyone help me with your suggestions so the next time i have to treat my children, i wont have to use heavily dosed chemical solutions.


  1. I'm sorry to be the bearer of what you might consider bad news, but the only reliable, safe way to get rid of these little suckers is physical removal. I always wish I could say I learned this the easy way, but I didn't. But...but...after I was done figuring everything out, I wrote it down, and printed little handbooks for parents like you. It's called Let's Shave Our Heads and Sell the House and you can find it at As a fellow blogger, I'm happy to send you a free one. Just email me at jodyreale at gmail dot com.

  2. Thanks jody i was dreading the reality being that is the only way, i knew it really but was kind of hoping there was a magical quick solution! Bring back the nit nurse at school it would nip it all in the bud as soon as the children caught them.