Sunday, 11 October 2009


Halloween is all about fun for the children so each year i try to think of new ways to jazz it up a bit. One year i held a party for the children in my road, after they had been trick or treating. I made the sandwhiches in the shapes of pumpkins and ghosts, they had fish fingers which looked like fingers with a piece of cuecumber for the nails and they were cut with ketchup as blood. Red jelly is one they like but it has to be mashed up like blood and guts and i put in jelly sweet worms and bugs. My children helped making cakes and icing them with spider webs and spiders on them in black food colouring. We made cakes iced liked flies and ones with red and black lady birds on. All the kids enjoyed the fact it was different. Another year i prepared some surprises for the trick or treaters who called at my door; two big bowls with custard in each but one coloured green and one red with food colouring - a bowl of snot and a bowl of blood! in the bowls i hid all the treats and they had to get their treat out with their teeth! That year i noticed someone else up the road doing something similar, she had one bowl of custard and a bowl of flour with the sweets in and they had to get them out with their teeth from the custard first then the flour which, of course stuck to their faces. Last year i needed to change it again so myself and my neighbour decided to play tricks on the kids who knocked. Outside was our pumpkin and other halloween decorations but all my lights were off. Just inside my front door was loud spooky music playing and i was waiting for them to knock. My cat flap is in the front door so as they knocked i put my hand through and grabbed their legs. They all screamed of course and were unsure what to do as i hadn't answered the door to them, most of them turned and walked down my path where my neighbour was hiding behind a bush dressed as a skeleton (which was funny in itself as she isn't of small frame) she jumped out scaring them again but she did have the bowl of sweets for them! You can't do this to the really little children of course as it would scare them half to death and probably give them nightmares!
It has been such fun here for the last few years but this year i am stuck and can't think of anything different to do!

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